• The NNTP team is ready to mobilise from its hospital base within 45 minutes from the time of acceptance of the infant to transfer.
  • If more than one transport request is received simultaneously, priority is given to the most critically ill baby and/or the baby in a hospital with limited personnel/resources to provide care for extended periods of time.
  • En route the team will phone the referring hospital with an estimated time of arrival
  • Departure times however may be influenced by:
    • A concurrent transfer
    • Availability of rotary wing aircraft for air transport
    • The time taken by the NNTP team to travel to Baldonnell airport for air transport (usually >60 mins from time of referral call to departure from Baldonnell airport)
  • Arrival time may be further affected by:
    • Traffic and road conditions
    • Weather conditions (rotary wing aircraft)

NNTP Response Times

Referring Hospital NameAverage Time from Transport Acceptance
to NNTP arrival at referring Hospital
(Hours: Minutes)
Adelaide Meath and National Children’s Hospital, Tallaght 00:54
Cavan University Hospital 02:07
Coombe Women and Infants’ University Hospital 00.50
Cork University Hospital 03:10
Cork University Maternity Hospital 03:20
Children’s University Hospital, Temple St. 00:52
South West Acute Hospital, Enniskillen 02:10
Kerry University Hospital, Tralee 03:54
Letterkenny University Hospital, Donegal 03.55
University Hospital Limerick, Dooradoyle 02:59
University Maternity Hospital, Limerick 02.53
Midland Regional Hospital, Mullingar 01:51
Midland Regional Hospital, Portlaoise 01:40
Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Dublin 00:35
Mayo University Hospital, Castlebar 03:16
Mercy University Hospital, Cork 03.18
The National Maternity Hospital, Dublin 00:58
Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Drogheda 01:24
Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin 01:09
Portiuncula University Hospital, Ballinasloe 02:21
University Hospital Galway 02:34
The Rotunda Hospital, Dublin 00:52
Sligo University Hospital 02:56
South Tipperary General Hospital, Clonmel 02:32
St James Hospital, Dublin 00:50
St Vincent’s University Hospital, Dublin 00:47
St Luke’s General Hospital, Kilkenny 02:18
University Hospital Waterford 02:31
Wexford General Hospital 02:12

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