It would be a great assistance to the NNTP if, in conjunction with infant stabilisation procedures, the following checklist was prepared prior to the arrival of the team at the referring hospital:


  • Complete NNTP Referral History Form as appropriate (Copies sent to all units and also available as download on this site).

       Please include:
    • Maternal antenatal and perinatal records
    • Neonatal records ( ie .history, diagnosis, treatment, orders, times drugs given, PKU, etc.)
    • Relevant social history
    • Parental contact information
  • Consent to transfer ( NNTP consent forms are completed when NNTP team arrives)
  • Make photocopies of relevant records and laboratory results (maternal & baby's)
  • Make copies of X rays, if originals are to remain at the referring hospital
  • Collect 10 ml of maternal blood in a plain tube and label appropriately (This is only necessary for some
    accepting hospitals-please consult with NNTP team)
  • Ensure infant has two identity bands in situ
  • Ensure that all infusions are administered via syringe pumps
  • EBM for transfer with the infant should be placed on ice.
  • Encourage parents to be present when NNTP team arrive in order to discuss the transfer and also to sign the NNTP Consent for Transfer and Treatment Sheet - if parents are unavailable then contact details are required in order to obtain a witnessed verbal consent
  • Take photos of the infant for the parents
  • Facilitate as much as possible that parents see and touch their infant
  • If possible attend to any religious or cultural rites requested by the parents
  • Identify appropriate support persons as necessary


After the NNTP Team Leaves

  • Encourage and initiate expression if the mother wishes to breast feed
  • Offer to call the receiving hospital and facilitate communication with the nursing and/or medical staff




  • The stabilisation of the infant prior to transfer does not only begin when the transport team arrive at the
    referring centre but rather is an ongoing process from when the transport is accepted.
  • It is the responsibilty of the referring hospital, in consultation with the transport team, to stabilise the infant before the NNTP arrive at the referring hospital.
  • On arrival of the NNTP, the responsibility of care is shared between the referring hospital and the NNTP team.
  • The NNTP teams keep records of any interventions they conduct, but the referring hospital should also keep their own records while the infant is still in the hospital.
  • The NNTP is not a 'Swoop and Scoop' Service. The team must be satisfied that the infant is stable prior to transport and will carry out that which is necessary to stabilise the infant at the referring hospital. During this time the NNTP team rely on the staff at the referring hospital to work in collaboration with them (i.e. giving history, helping with procedures etc.).
  • Consultant responsibility follows the same order as above. The transport team refer to the consultant on call in their parent hospital or with the receiving hospital.

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