As part of our outreach education, the NNTP conducts the 'STABLE program' in hospitals nationally.
STABLE is an educational tool developed for maternal/child health care providers to organise care during the post resuscitation / pre-transport stabilisation period. The aim of the programme is to enhance the knowledge and skills of all staff involved in the pre-transport care of neonates, so that they can recognise, anticipate and treat potential problems before the arrival of the transport team.

[S]  Stands for Sugar and Safe Care

This section covers IV therapy including fluid rates, glucose monitoring, emergency treatment of hypoglycaemia and use of umbilical catheters. Also included in this section is safe patient care and the reduction of preventable errors.


[T]  Stands for Temperature

This section covers special temperature needs of infants and the detrimental effects of cold stress on infants


[A]  Stands for Airway

This section covers evaluating respiratory distress, indications for intubation, assisting with intubation and

interpreting blood gases.


[B]  Stands for Blood Pressure

This sections covers evaluation, recognition and treatment of shock


[L]  Stands for Lab Work

This section covers pre-transport lab evaluation, including CBC interpretation and treatment of suspected sepsis


[E]  Stands for Emotional Support

This section covers the family's emotional needs and reactions during the crisis surrounding the birth


S.T.A.B.L.E. involves an eight-hour interactive didactic presentation by an expert in neonatal nursing or medicine. In addition to instruction in the management of the STABLE modules, the NNTP takes the opportunity to share information about our transport programme and to discuss issues relevant to individual units.


On successful completion of the course, participants become registered S.T.A.B.L.E. providers. The programme is endorsed in Ireland by the Faculty of Paediatrics and is a mandatory component of Paediatric Spr training. The course too has Category 1 approval from NMBI and carries 13 CEUs.


The latest 2013 edition of the STABLE Program is that which is taught. A shorter version of the course aimed at those who are renewing their STABLE provider status is also available.


Any unit interested in availing of the NNTP to provide these courses at their hospital, can receive further information from Ann Bowden, National Neonatal Transport Programme Co-ordinator, on telephone 087-6787190 /01 8171724 or on email: abowden@rotunda.ie