national neonatal transport programme

The National Neonatal Transport Programme (NNTP), established in March 2001, is a retrieval service for the stabilisation and transportation of premature and sick neonates up to the age of six weeks corrected gestational age.

Our goals are:
  1. To provide high quality, standardised care for newborn infants up to the age of six weeks who require transport to regional neonatal/surgical intensive care units in/from/to Ireland.

  2. To improve patient outcomes by providing transport teams skilled in the management of critically ill newborn infants.

NNTP Hotline Number : 0818 300 188

The NNTP Teams are on call on this number 24 hrs.a day seven days per week for neonatal critical care transport.

N.B. A receiving bed must be confirmed before the NNTP can agree to transfer an infant.
Please use Bed State Information to facilitate this process