national neonatal transport programme

NNTP Contacts
NNTP Contact Information

NNTP Transport Team Hotline Phone Number

(for neonatal transport only)

0818 300 188

This number will connect you to the relevant NNTP team on-call for transport each week

The NNTP Transport Teams can also be contacted on:

Coombe Women's Hospital: 01- 4085758

National Maternity Hospital: 01- 6373194

Rotunda Hospital: 01- 8171788

( These numbers are for neonatal transport only)

NNTP Co-ordinator's Postal Address:
Ms Ann Bowden
National Neonatal Transport Programme
Rotunda Hospital
Parnell Square
Dublin 1

Mobile Telephone: 087-6787190
Telephone: 01 8171724

NNTP Clinical Lead's Postal Address:
Dr Jan Franta
Consultant Neonatologist
National Neonatal Transport Programme
National Maternity Hospital
Holles Street
Dublin 2

Telephone: 01 6373100

NNTP Consultant Neonatologist Postal Address:
Dr Hana Fucikova
Consultant Neonatologist
National Neonatal Transport Programme
C/O Coombe Women and Infants' University Hospital
Cork St.
Dublin 8

Telephone: 085 2084928